Anything that is spiritual in nature, but used for selfish reasons in also known as priestcraft. If you do not know of this “priestcraft” word, it is mostly used in a religious sense. But anyone of any belief is capable of practicing priestcraft.  I have come to realize that priestcraft is much more than just receiving monetary gain or recognition.

Since I was raised with one definition of priestcraft, and that was: people that preach to set themselves up for a light to get gain or money. The example being given with this definition was- men preaching and passing around a bowl for money. If you did not see this going on, then there was no priestcraft happening.
In my experience this just one definition, and if you are only looking for this one definition, then you will be deceived. The definition must be seen through new eyes and new understanding to discern when priestcraft is being done. We need to fully understand what priestcraft is, so that we may then check ourselves to know if we are doing priestcraft. And be able to discern it in others and not be blinded to all the priestcraft actually going on around us everyday.

What does “getting gain” constitute? Is it just in money? I would say not. You can get gain by gaining a new position, gaining respect, gaining honor, authority, power, getting sex, money, gifts and even being deceived into marriage. You can “get gain” in many different areas of your life. If by selfish ambition you are wanting to gain something and using things of a spiritual nature, you are functioning in priestcraft.

By this definition it might change how you saw the world and the people functioning in it.

A priest is defined as a minister or someone who has priesthood or power from God to preach, having authority to perform certain rights and ordinances. It is their craft or their trade. If a priest or those proclaiming to hold “priesthood” use things of a spiritual nature i.e.:

  1. Visions,
  2. Scriptures,
  3. Dreams,
  4. Revelations,
  5. Spiritual gifts,
  6. Visitations,
  7. Signs,
  8. Knowledge,
  9. Blessings,
  10. Ordinances,

To “get gain” by the definition above, being: anything that is SELFISH that one can gain from, they then are guilty of priestcraft. They usually use this priestcraft to cover their sins, gratify their pride, ambitions and exercise control, dominion or compulsion upon others in unrighteousness.

In other words, Priestcraft is using God and His ways, selfishly.

That is it. It is pretty simple. It is all about the heart and their intentions when using things of a spiritual nature, or Gods ways. If the intent of their heart is to gain any thing for them selves and they use Gods ways to get it, they are using their trade selfishly.

Lets point out some examples:
  • If someone shares a dream with you to show their connection to heaven and gain your respect, it equals priestcraft.
  • They use their positions to gain power and authority over you, it equals priestcraft.
  • You share your spiritual experiences because you want to feel important, it equals priestcraft.
  • They use ordinances to gain sex and make it seem acceptable to cover their lust, it equals priestcraft.
  • Gaining money and allegiance through using sacred spaces and buildings, it equals priestcraft.
  • Someone tells you of a vision they had of you being married to them to convince you to marry them, it equals priestcraft.
  • A person preaches a principal to gain honor, it equals priestcraft.
  • They show how spiritual they are and share their experiences to those in authority to gain a new position, it equals priestcraft.
  • Using the ordinance of baptism to portray repentance, when there is none in their heart, it equals priestcraft.

Is it clear? They use things in a spiritual nature… things of God, for selfish reasons. And this can take many different forms, not just one. It is for their selfish gain and not for the glory of God. It takes discernment to see the intents of someones heart but they will end up showing by their actions as well. 

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