Economy as a noun is defined as: the disposition or regulation of the parts or functions of any organic whole; an organized system or method. The economy is the management of the resources of a community, country, etc., especially with a view to its productivity. There are only 2 Economies that function on this earth, in a spiritual sense. One is of light and one is of darkness. Only one or the other can regulate and manage the resources of your spiritual and thus physical life. From here on out I will call this “to govern your life”. Both have great power that can affect your everyday life. These two spiritual economies are responsible for the flow of your life, and how it is coordinated. There is a quote that says:

Whatever you turn toward and give energy to, you give power to manifest into your life. Both the dark and light economies have the power to manage and govern over your life. Which one depends on whichever one you are focusing on with the choices you make.  They can manifest into the flow of your life, by coordinating situations and experiences, manifesting both coincidences and “signs”.

What would this look like?

  • Certain numbers popping up,
  • Animals crossing your path,
  • Certain dates,
  • Bring people in your life,
  • Certain names or phrases appearing,
  • Coordinating things that need to be done,
  • People saying certain things,
  • People coming together at certain times,

All of which speak to you by giving witness of the choices you are making and the direction you are going.

“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.” – Carl G. Jung

But how do you know which of the 2 economies is governing your life and giving these “signs”?

The answer is stated in the beginning. It is about which economy you are turning to. The Economy of Light or the Economy of Darkness? Your choices determine which energy will flow from your life. By your choices it gives one or the other power to coordinate your life and show you these “signs”. That economy then has the power to govern over the course of your life. This is important to know because whatever you touch, the projects you are involved in or things you are trying to accomplish, will be affected by whichever economy is governing over your life.

Here are some things that you can check to see if you are violating and the explanations. Violation of these things would give the Economy of Darkness power over your life. Doing the opposite gives the Economy of Light power.

1. Violation of Agency. Instead Honor Another’s Agency

Agency is the power to choose. Each person has this power. We violate one another’s agency a lot more than we think. Here is what violating another’s agency means: if you ask someone something and they give you their answer, but you either do not listen OR you try and change their mind, OR you keep asking the same question even though they have given you their answer, you have violated their agency.

Violating agency can be so subtle. If you do not accept their answer, once it has been given and keep pushing, this is violating their agency. We do this because we think we know what is best or that our way is right, and we coerce them into our way until they gave in. Or maybe, we are not getting something we want. It is exhausting to have your agency violated over and over.

Here is a simple example of what violating agency might look like:
  • “Would you like a glass of water?”
  • “No, thank you I am fine.”
  • “Are you sure? It is very hot outside, I do not want you to get dehydrated.” And 5 minutes later…”Are you sure you do not want a drink of water?”

Instead it should have gone this way:

  • “Would you like a drink of water?”
  • “No, thank you I am fine.”
  • “Ok the glasses are just over here if you change you mind.”

And then you DROP IT.

Violating someone’s agency in small things can seem as harmless as a bubble. If we do not recognize this now in our lives and seek to change it in the simple things, then we will also violate agency in larger areas that will have bigger consequences. Even if your heart’s intent is not to harm, harm and chaos will come if you violate a person’s agency. The dark economy now has the power to disrupt your life because of your choice.

Instead honor the power to choose of those around you and LISTEN to them. Listen to their answers they give and accept them, the FIRST time. And when you are told no, it means no.

2. Deception/Deceiving. Instead Be Your True Self 

Deception is straight up lying. It is when you lie and try to be something you are not, deceiving those around you. You are portraying a different person to people than what you really are. Sitting the table with peers and pretending to be on their side, when you have intentions to take them down, is deception. It is when you deceive people through lying and hiding who you are.

It can be as small as:

Someone asking you what color your natural hair is, and you lie and say blonde when it is brown.  Maybe lying about a business transaction or how much you paid for your new dress. Deception is about knowing you are lying, but you scoot around and twist the truth, bending it to show yourself in a good light. Knowing that your intentions are wrong, but you try and convince another that your intentions are something else. It is about you portraying something you are not.

Instead become as a little child, be open and honest with what your intentions are and stop lying. Wouldn’t it be nice if we just all said what we meant? Be who you are, be your true and authentic self to others.

3. Being In Secret. Instead Be Transparent

There are examples of this all over in movies, and we do this quite a lot as well, thinking it is harmless. Often times it goes hand in hand with violating someone’s agency. Keeping things in secret means: you withhold information and give yourself any number of excuses to do so.

For instance some excuses might be:

  • You do not want to hurt their feelings,
  • They will not agree with you,
  • You do not want to have to explain yourself,
  • You are trying to protect them,
  • They will not understand,
  • You do not want to fight.

For any of these excuses you simply decide to withhold information from them. This is different than flat out lying, but very close. The intensions of the heart are usually different. Keeping things in secret will ALWAYS come out and blow up in your face. The person will ALWAYS find out, and just like in the movies, it will turn out worse for you. The information you decide to withhold might not have a large consequence if told it right away. The longer you keep a secret, the bigger the explosion. It is like a huge black dragon that arises to destroy your reputation, relationships, trust etc.

Now here is the important part:

You violate being in secret IF you have an “obligation” to someone and you decide to keep things from them for whatever reason. Not everyone is obligated to someone else. People we have obligations to are those we have a “responsibility” to, i.e. like a husband to a wife or wife to a husband and children to their parents and visa versa. It is people you have given your word to or signed contracts with, or the law of the land. Being in secret usually goes hand in hand with violating someone’s agency. Let me tell you why…If you choose to withhold information from someone you are obligated to, and not let them have the choice to be hurt, or understand or whatever your excuse is, then you have violated their agency as well.

Let’s do an example:

You decide you want to go get baptized. You know your husband does not believe in this and you do not want to fight. So you choose to go get baptized and withhold that you have done so. This is a person you are “obligated” to. You are now doing things in secret and negative things can come from that baptism because it fell under the Economy of Darkness. To not be in secret to those you are obligated to you must simply share with them what you are doing.  It does not need to turn into a discussion and they can then choose how they want to feel about it. “Husband, I would like to be baptized so this is what I am going to do.”

Instead just be honest. Simply disclose whatever it is and do not listen to the excuses in your head. Just do it, be upfront and speak your truth. Whatever it is, it will work out they way it is supposed to, if you are not in secret. Sometimes this means owning up to something, but when you do the secret no longer will have power over you. It will stop coming back to bite you.

4. Doing Unrighteous Dominion and Priestcraft. Instead Have Charity or Pure Love

Unrighteous dominion is taking things by force, or compulsion and trying to control others. Using your position, authority, or knowledge to control and force others to do what YOU want them to do, is practicing unrighteous dominion. There is such a thing a righteous dominion, dominion being a stewardship you have been given. Unrighteous dominion is when you are trying to usurp another’s stewardship.

Taking control over someone is huge here, because you are taking things and not allowing others to have their agency. It is not seeing everyone as your equal. This usually involves violating their agency by dominating over others. This comes because you think you are right and they are not.

Unrighteous dominion leads to priestcraft. If you are using God and His ways selfishly you are functioning in priestcraft. Here is another way of putting it: If you use things of a spiritual nature to gain (something you want) you are practicing priestcraft. It is the intention of the heart. If you want a more in depth explanation you can read the post on Priestcraft. If someone is using priestcraft they are violating unrighteous dominion as well. The difference is that they are using God’s ways for selfish reasons to force or control another.

Some simple examples would be:

An example would be a friend coming over to your house, and telling you how to run it and making you run it their way. Unrighteous dominion is micromanaging and controlling others. This mostly happens in your own house hold. As parents and spouses if we micromanage and use force or control we will fall under unrighteous dominion.

An example of priestcraft is- a group is deciding to go on a vacation and where they want to go. Someone says they had a vision of where to go and they use that vision to convince everyone with logic to go along, when in their heart they wanted to gain leadership and authority. With people functioning under this a lot of the times their words contradict their actions.

We are all humans with beating hearts and made the same. Respect is a gift and something that should be given freely to all people. We should all see each other as equals, and treat them as such.

Instead we should function out of Pure Love/Charity. Priestcraft and dominion are rooted in selfishness you need to function in the opposite and that is Pure Love, which is self-less. Give love with out expecting anything back. There is a separate post explaining more about this in Love and Accept Yourself. Let others be who they are and you be who you are, stop trying to change/control people. Use persuasion only with long suffering, patience, gentleness, kindness, and knowledge. It is not rushed or in haste, it is patience and having the other persons best intentions at heart.

5. Being Out of Divine Timing and Order. Instead Surrender and say: “Thy Will Be Done”

This one is about taking, acting, or asking out of the correct time or the correct order of things. This can also be called asking amiss. This means you are not necessarily asking the wrong questions, but that you are asking them out of Divine Timing and Order. One example of being out of Divine Timing and Order was in the very beginning of the world, with the story of Adam and Eve. The two trees were set before them and they were convinced them to take of the fruit out of the present circumstance they were put in.

Other examples would be:

Asking for a raise a week into a job. Or acting/doing things our of order in sweeping the floor and then wiping the counters, only to have to then sweep again. Doing errands in the wrong order and so they take twice as long. Like going to the bread store first only to have the bread be too hot to slice so then you have to go to costco first and then come back. Another one is asking, and taking something outside of a present covenant, or circumstance when it is not God’s timing. All of these will cause negative outcomes to occur because you have given the Dark Economy power to govern over your life.

Instead do things in diving timing and order. Faith in God, includes faith in His timing. It is saying “Thy will be done” even if you do not like the situation. Being in Divine Timing and Order is about living in the PRESENT. It is living by the spirit directing you everyday. Let God take care of it and put it into His hands. When the Gift of Divine Timing and Order functions over your life, there is an unexplainable flow. You get things done in a fraction of the time, your energy is saved from not running around everywhere, time is not wasted. You are where you are supposed to be to avoid traffic, policeman, long lines, and the power going out at the store etc. Things happen when they should and life goes and comes smoothly. When Divine Timing and Order is on your side things get done. Surrender to God and live in His river. This is where the saying comes in:

Which economy are you giving power to govern over your life?

If you are seeing your life being coordinated, and seeing “signs” check to see if you are in violation of any of the above. You will then better be able to tell which government you are falling under. Which one you have given the power to because of your choices, to do the coordinating and setting the flow of your life.

Here’s the thing: even something of “light” or good, can be tainted by the dark economy if you are falling under its governance. This is how things become confusing. You will get a negative outcome from something of “light” because of the Dark Government messing things up.

Allowing others their free agency, being open like a little child, being honest and treating others with Pure Love and living in the gift of Divine Timing and Order will put you under the Economy of Light, allowing it to govern over your life.

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