Learning meditation was a big key for me and opened so many doors. I took a course in transcendental meditation but once I learned what it was, it is very simple and I can tell you the basic things you need to know if you want to integrate meditation into your life.

Meditation has so many physical benefits for your health all of these have had scientific research done and results documented.

Some of these include:
  • Decreased depression,
  • Healing heart issues,
  • Reduced free radicals,
  • Reduced cholesterol,
  • Balanced adrenals
  • and higher levels of brain functioning.

If you want to read some of these studies see all the research here.

Because meditation relaxes the mind and body by releasing stress and anxiety in the body your health recovers. You will function on a higher level mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Meditation brings you back to a “center” peaceful place and your body and health follows.

Meditation is putting your body to sleep or rest while your mind is yet active.

Body Asleep, Mind Awake. 

Doing at least 20 minutes a day is where you will see the health benefits but if you are just starting you will work up to that.

Here are some steps to go through:
  • Pick a mantra to say-something that calms you, such as: “peace”, “be still”, “I am”, “It’s okay”, “be calm” (this will be a key phrase to teach your body when it is said to enter into a place pf peace.)
  • Say your mantra out loud so that any thoughts and wandering do not intrude. It is easier to stay focused when you are first learning to say it out loud. Speak it until your body feels calm.
  • Eventually your mantra will fade from saying it out loud to saying it in your mind. Repeat it over and over.
  • Eventually the mantra will fade completely and your mind will be left a blank slate. If thoughts come it is ok, simply acknowledge them and then let them go. This is teaching you to be in control of our thoughts and no the other way around.
  • Eventually the thoughts will stop and your body will feel “numb” or like it is floating but your mind is very much aware and awake. This is when you can enter into prayer if you desire.
  • Try and do as long as you can each day until you get up to 20 minutes.

As you start integrating meditation, keep the mantra the same. Your thoughts and wandering will be less as you teach your body and mind what do to when you enter into this state. Eventually you will only need to close your eyes and you can enter that space. And even be able to function there while you are going throughout your day.

“There is a point within each person where the physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and intentional components of one’s existence are in perfect synchronicity. At that point, there is no difference in elements, time, space, or condition. This is a personal ‘zero point’ which is known prior to birth, immediately after death, and at anytime in between when a person’s will has been perfectly reconciled with the will of God. A person is forever able to connect with his Creator, in that sacred place, regardless of how far he has strayed through the process of living. At the point of true simplicity, you may enter into perfect communion with the Father. Whenever you do, your life will be renewed or even transformed.”

If you would like some further reading here are some books:

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