In the post Angels and Friends I talk about how talking to and asking Angels to help in our life can bring big changes. In this post I wanted to go into more specifics. I am no expert and I know there is a lot more information out there. I am not going to go into all the different types of Angels but wanted to put down some information from the book Medical Medium about Angels. This information might help you when you are needing more specific help. Angels all have different talents and responsibilities, so if there is something you need talk to the Angel in charge of that arena!

We are all born with the God-given right to reach out to and talk to Angels whenever we need them. They are here and hav e always existed to help us adapt and thrive here on earth, not just survive. Angels are also here to help guide us in our decisions and make the most of our free will. They are here to intercept trouble and present opportunity. They help us do Gods work if we are willing to let them in and work with them.

Specific Types of Angels

This list of 21 Angels are female and their name denotes her essence or responsibility and what she is over. The number 21 stands for re birth, new beginnings, rising from the ashes and fresh starts. You can call upon these Angels alone or as a team. Depending on what you are needing in your season of life. They are very powerful and work for God, they do have free will and since we are not in the business of control or command, invite and ask them to help with what you need. The Angels are more than willing to help, make sure you ALWAYS recognize and say thank you. They love when they are recognized and love to help you more.

The Angel of Mercy:

By far the most powerful angel to call upon in your darkest hour- more powerful even than the archangles. She is one of the strongest angels in God’s Angelic Realm. God has summoned her many times to battle darkness.

The Angel of Faith:

Call upon her in whatever way suits you. If you make this a daily practice, the rhythm will help you transition the habit into full-blown conviction. Tell the Angel of Faith you are finally ready.

Angel of Trust:

For help when you are struggling to recover from a betrayal.

The Angel of Healing:

To provide temporary relief and/or to heal a loved one. For long term healing you must call on other angels to help build you up to a point where you can heal yourself.

Angel of Restitution:

She understands how the spirit and soul can be beaten down, and she can help you recover from emotional trauma. This angel will help you to resolve deep-seated issues.

The Angel of Deliverance:

This Angel provides relief to someone who is going through an earthly judgment-for example, a persons spouse filing for divorce, or a school board unjustly firing a teacher. She can also help free your soul from the imprisonment of fear and anger, and from injury of deception.

Angel of the Sun:

Talk to her while you are in the sun to open up your body’s cells so they fully take in the healing power of the rays.

The Angel of Light:

Name her in order to be bathed in restorative angelic light given to her by God. The Angel of Light is ore powerful than any light on earth, and more powerful than the light of the sun.

Angel of Water:

You can ask her to change the frequency of the water you bathe in to make it more cleansing, nourishing, and grounding. If you are soaking a wound, you can ask her to quicken its healing.

The Angel of Air:

Right after a frustrating encounter such as an argument, as for the Angel of Air to cleanse the negative vibration that person passed onto you. Her special, purifying energy will change the frequency of the air around you to promote harmony. This is a powerful technique to change your frame of mind.

Angel of Purity:

When you want to rid yourself of an addiction, this angel can help you break free from the poisonous chains of habit.

The Angel of Fertility:

For aid in conception and carrying a baby to term. Ask her to heal your womb of creation.

Angel of Birth:

For health of mother and child during delivery.

The Angel of Peace:

To help heal your mental distress and bring new seeds of hope and positivity.

Angel of Beauty:

If you feel closed off to the beauty of nature that surrounds you- the sun, the trees, the hills and rivers- ask the Angel of Beauty. She will open you up to appreciate and absorb your surroundings in powerful ways you did not think possible. This Angel is also your ally when romantic partner is obsessed with talking about people’s physical appearance, when a co-worker’s good look have turned him vain, or when a sibling’s physical beauty earns her all the attention and adoration. Ask the Angel of Beauty to shift people’s mind-set to recognize true beauty: the beauty of a shining soul.

The Angel of Purpose:

Call upon her if you are struggling with your purpose here on earth- if you are numb or confused or worried you are not useful or ever yourself. If you have lost confidence in something or everything, the Angel of Purpose will be by your side.

Angel of Knowledge:

When a loved one needs advice and you are at a loss, or you want to give more than just a pat on the back, you will be surprised with the healing and soothing words that can come out of your mouth when you call upon this angel. You can also as her for help when you need information or advice for yourself and do not know where or how to find it.

The Angel of Wisdom:

For guidance when you are about to make an important decision. Wisdom help you apple your knowledge in the correct way.

Angel of Awareness:

People are always trying to be more present and mindful. It is critical to summon the Angel of Awareness to make this intention complete- only then will you be fully in the moment. Also, if you want the people around you to be less judgmental and better communicators, you can call upon this angel to help open their minds.

The Angel of Relationships:

If you are having a problem with your spouse or someone you are dating, or if you are single and looking for a good match talk to this angel every day. Ask her to put the right people and help you be in the right places to meet the people you need to.

Angel of Dreams:

You can talk to her to enter your dreams and help you sort out and resolve emotional turmoil. So many have experienced the Angel of Dreams when they were younger- she was the one who could make you fly when you were asleep. Even if your waking life is troubled, you can call upon her to help you reexperience that soul freedom in your dreams.

Unknown Angels

You can ask for help from the Angelic Realm anytime and anywhere. There are also Unknown Angels, there are exactly 144,000 of them. This is a holy number and they are very powerful and well to help in your life. They do their work while you are asleep, restoring your body and soul. Call upon them as you are drifting off to sleep that you body will get the rest it needs in the amount of time you have to sleep.

Talking to Angels throughout the day will build a relationship of trust with them. They do not like to be toyed with or tested, they want us to take them seriously. Build your relationship with them and they will bring radical changes to your life. These are not all the angels, I am sure there is a cooking one because when I have not known if my dinner was going to turn out because I was guessing I have prayed that it will work and it always has. I also believe there is an Angel of Electronics because when I do not know how to fix something because I do not understand how it works, I know they do and I ask them for help. It is always fixed and I do not know how but I say thank you every time.

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