I have been fascinated with the study and research of DNA in the last several years. I have learned and put things together that I could not explain in this physical realm. And now in the last year all of these studies on DNA have been coming out confirming and expanding the information on our DNA.

It is not just about how our DNA decides our looks and body, our personality, and our health like science has always told us. New information is now coming out that we are NOT victims of our DNA and we actually make the decisions! Our beliefs greatly affect our DNA, the aging process and how our bodies function.

We are not victims of our DNA from our parents

There are not only 2 strands in our DNA. We actually have 12 strands in the spirit. And science is now confirming and finding this. Strands they have always labeled as “junk” are actually not junk at all! We are not victims of what our parents have passed on to us. True, we do have 2 sets of DNA. One in the spirit because we were first created as such. And second is our physical set of DNA that we received from our parents when our body was made. The lesson here is: YOU HAVE A CHOICE. There is always a choice! Which DNA do you want to be?

We can change and overcome our physical DNA

Is this not the whole point? To overcome the “natural man” and the “flesh”? To change the physical DNA and activate that spiritual DNA?! This spirit DNA has always been inside of us, to be the gods and goddesses that we always were.

There are several ways our DNA is changed but the one I wanted to talk about today is our beliefs.

We have total control over our beliefs and this is something we can consciously choose to change. If you have not read the book The Power of the Subconscious Mind, this book gives a great foundation of how this happens. The book explains it from the spiritual direction and shows how this has all been in the bible all along! It is short book and super easy to read.

Now lets talk about this from a scientific direction…

I can not explain it better than Bruce Harold Lipton, PhD, is an American developmental biologist. The first part he explains how cells work and their functions. He will fix some misconceptions you have about the cell and the nucleus. He then goes on to show how our beliefs and what we tell ourselves, affect the way the cells behave.

Bruce Lipton The Biology of Belief Full Lecture

If you can not watch it all now at least start at 55:40 till 59 minutes.

The biggest question is: Do you live in love or fear?

This is a huge choice of ours and will affect your health down to a cellular level. This is what is regenerating your cells and degrading them. And how are we teaching our children to view the world? You can start today and your cells can repair themselves. I loved what he said:

The most important growth promoting signal, (nutrition) in the world today for a human (cells) is love. It exceeds nutrition. -Bruce H. Lipton

Our perceptions and then the emotions we feel from our experiences, develop our beliefs. These beliefs, positive or negative, true or not true are being taken into every cell and they are simply obeying the orders being passed down. We are choosing by our beliefs and thoughts which DNA we want to activate. Next we will see how this affects our health and death itself.

Here is another article talking about the same thing, more information the better! At Collective Evolution– Transform our biology with belief.

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