I love TED talks. The reason I love them is because they are short and sweet. Even though they are short and sweet, they are packed so full of new information! This one blew me away. Jill Bolte Taylor, is a Harvard-trained neuroanatomist (a scientist who specializes in how the brain works). Jill had a massive stroke, and watched as her brain functions of motion, speech, self-awareness, all shut down one by one. These skills all come from the left side of the brain. As these things were shutting down, her brain then started functioning only from the right side. She describes how life looked and felt from the right sides perspective. It is so fascinating, and only a few minutes.

The functions of the right and left side of the brain:

While both sides are important and have a job to do, she explains why why we should all start functioning more from the right side. The left side tends to be way to dominate in this world. This helps give an understanding of why you may want to start paying attention to and let that right side take the lead. Life is all about balance right? Start to balance your left and right hemispheres so they can work better together, and you can lead a more balanced life.

One of the easiest ways to start activating that right side is with music. Music is the food for the right side. Music is easily accessible and something we listen to everyday. The type of music is what matters. Take a look at what her experience taught her:

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