This subject is dear to my heart and has changed my life. I want to talk about Angels and how they can help in our lives. Enlisting the help of the Angels can greatly bless and make your life more smooth and meaningful. I am constantly in awe of how much they do, each day I am aware of how they are helping me. I know I probably do not even notice for see half of what they do, but it is amazing how life can change when you make them your friends. In this post I wanted to write down what I have learned.

Types of Angels

There are many many types or sections of Angels you can focus on. I focus and talk to my personal ones and if I need something specific then I will talk to specific ones. Each person on this earth has a legion of Angels to help them. The personal ones also are known as our guardians. Some say they these ones are our ancestors. They are here and given charge of the earth, whose responsibility it is to be with us, guide us, and help us do the things that are in store for us. They give instruction, bring comfort in travail, give strength in hardship, and give courage when courage is lacking.

Let me be clear: I do not replace God with Angels. They are His helpers and sent to us by Him from another dimension to help us, so why not let hem help? They are on Gods errand and are a part of Him. Talking to them is like me picking up the phone to call a friend. I talk to them like any other person and ask for their help. Which brings us to the next point:

Speak Up

If you want their help YOU MUST ASK FOR IT. They are governed by the laws of the universe. One of those main laws is the Law of Agency, or free will. They will not force or jump in and make you do anything. They have no judgment and see everything you do just as a choice- not right or wrong. So, talk to them and ask for their help.

One point is that speaking out loud is important. Is does not have to be “loud”, it can be a whisper, but it is important to ask out loud vs in your mind.

Ask and Release

I find it best to ask them for their help first thing in the morning. Before I start my day I ask for their help in what I need to get done and anything else I need to do in service for my purpose. It would go something like this:

“Angels I release you to go before me throughout this day that I might be Gods Divine Timing and Order. I release you to clear the path, and prepare the way and do Gods will for my life.”

Then I might say I need your help in getting the…. cleaning and grocery shopping done or whatever is on my to do list for that day. Whatever I am needing to do, I include them in it and ask them to help me get it done. And guess what? It totally works! If I am traveling or doing something out of the ordinary I will talk to them throughout the day for whatever comes up.

For example: I am heading to the airport- I will ask them to help clear the roads of traffic, finding a parking spot, for the security line to be short. Or if checking a bag, that it will arrive safe and no problems arise. Speak to them throughout the day for whatever comes up.

Might Look Like This

These are some examples of what I see in my everyday life with their help.

  • I might be driving around doing all my errands and I get all green lights so I arrive early.
  • Front parking spots so I do not have to drive around forever.
  • Needing to buy something and that day it is on sale that day.
  • Reminding me what I need to grab upstairs before I go downstairs so I do not waste energy going back and forth.
  • Shorter lines and arriving before the rush.
  • Clear roads of traffic or debris, nails etc that might cause me to have to fix a flat tire that day.
  • Ideas of what to do today that would avoid trouble down the road.
  • Getting money refunded and finding coupons. They are very good at saving money.
Avoid Unnecessary Trouble

These things all make life smoother, with less hassle. You avoid any unnecessary accidents. You also might get in line and be the 100th person and get a free lemonade. It does not have to be big, it is just simple things. Now, I do ask to also be where I am supposed to be, and meet who I am supposed to meet- so if I get stuck in odd, difficult things, then I ask why I am there.

Asking the Angels for help is not to be abused, nor used for personal gain. A person could abuse this just like anything else, but if you can travel through portals would you use it to get to the airport faster or for your girls trip? No. These things are used for higher purposes.

Not to Abuse

I do not ask to clear the road of cops so I can break the law and speed. But if I am going a bit fast 2 cars will be put in front of me to slow me down. And they can help you avoid the unjust things that you might otherwise encounter. Like the cops hiding right outside where the speed limit drops so they can grab you. Things that are unfair or ridiculous, avoiding those does make life easier. They help you avoid the injustice that is brought into your life by other forces. Having them help you is like playing an offense game vs a defense game.

Maybe they help you so do not get stuck in the line of cars, on a one lane road all slowed down by a car going 40 in a 65. boo. Or Getting stuck behind the semi, avoiding nails in the road, speeding up to avoid the deer that is about to jump out. Maybe you get out the door 10 minutes early and end in front of a wreak instead of behind it. Getting green lights so you do not have to stop and go, and getting to places quicker. All of these things are not about breaking the law. It is simply about making life easier by avoiding the things that would bring stress.

Let me give you an awesome example:

Last year for our taxes, we got them filed and it came back that we owed over $1000. This was odd for us because we usually got back something. I find this out by e mail while I am at the bank and they are about to submit and file it. It is obviously hard to get a hold of them during this crazy time, and they were even more difficult to get a hold of in general. Our partner had not been able to get a hold of him for days. I did not have time to wait for a couple days while they got back to me.

So I step off to the side in the bank, and ask the Angels to help. I asked them to help him pick up and be available when I called and that we could figure out what was going on before they filed.

Then I made the call

The assistant answered and checked to see if he was available. She said he had just gotten off a call and could talk to me. I talked with him and told him our concerns and what might be off. He had the time to look through things real quick, and we found out that the miles had fallen off. I got the numbers for him and he added them right there. This changed it from us owing over $1000 to us getting $2500 back in returns! Thats a big difference in a 10 minute phone call, at the right time. Divine timing and order can change things.

Angels can help us so much. I have so many stories like this, they are so fun to share and witness at how heaven can work in our everyday lives. Even though these things are simple, small and minute in the grand scheme of things… they care, God cares, and they want to help in even the smallest things that bring us joy.

Help Create Divine Timing and Order

The biggest difference I see is helping me be in the right place at the right time. You meet this person because you were told to go to this place and that person can share their talents in something you were praying for help. Doing things in a Divine Time and in a Divine Order helps you get a lot of things done in a short amount of time. I won’t go into detail here because I have done another post about just this in the post 2 Economies That Function on This Earth. 

Asking them and releasing them to help you fulfill the measure of your creation, the purpose for being here at this time will lead you into finding a fullness of Joy. Who you truly are, and in this you will complete and serve who you are sent to serve. It is maximizing your efforts with the least amount of energy. We are meant to do to and be EVERYTHING. Play your part in the symphony and it will end up all coming together. This way your energy is not wasted doing the things you are not meant to do.

Having the powers of heaven or the universe on your side to help you in everyday life is a game changer! Angels are our friends and you can talk to them just as you would anyone else.

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