I talk about a lot of different books throughout the website, but they are all scattered about in different posts. I was given the good idea, to have a book list all in one place. So this is the place! These are books that have made the biggest difference in my life and in the lives of others. Some are necessary ones that I keep on hand as references, I refer back to these every week. This book list is not in any particular order of my favorite or most important. I will give a short reason why I love the book, and what I use it for 🙂

This is the book list of what is in my library:

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die– This one is great to understand how your emotions affect your physical health. I use the back section as a reference guide at least once a week. A good one to keep on hand.

Medical Medium– His book helps you untangle the crazy health fads out there and teach you a good foundation to understand health. A great book to understand a lot of health problems we have now days and what to do. It gives solutions, and it has a bit of a spiritual touch- which I love.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind– Written in 1963, I love the language and how they were able to write back then. It uses a lot of bible references and connects a lot of things you might already know. Most importantly it will show you what the possibilities are in your life and how much you are in charge of creating change.

Energy Medicine– This one is GREAT. It will give you an understanding of how you can heal someone on an energy level and how it works. She gives a lot of references and sites where she is getting her information. A lot of scientific based things to explain energy. Best of all I love her stories of how she has helped people and what happened to create healing. It opens your eyes to possibilities.

The Alchemist– I knew this book before it was written. This one spoke to my soul and I cried several times. It is one of those books that speaks to you, gives you validation and confirmation. I knew the words that were going to be read before I read them, it has deep life lessons and told in a story form. It is a very easy and fun to read. Highly recommend this one and his other book Warrior of the Light.

Four Agreements– Life changer. This one has saved many marriages and shifted people after a relationship feel apart, these people then wish they would have read it earlier. This one will help your life not have to much drama and emotional up and downs. You realize it was all you to begin with. It will change you into a better person.

Emotions & Essential Oils– I reference to this one at least once a week. It is always spot on. Essential oils are one of the easiest and best ways to work through emotions, conscious or subconscious. The best way to use oils for emotions is to smell them. You can do this by putting them in your hands and breathing deeply, use a diffuser, a lava bracelet, or put them over your heart a couple times a day.

The How To: Herb Book– Great reference book. It shows you remedies you can use or make yourself for almost every aliment. My mother had it when she raised us 8 kids and now I have it 🙂 You learn best through experience!

Modern Essentials– A MUST reference book. I use this several times a week. It shows charts on the flex point of feet, ears, and has a lot of other teaching than just oils. Best of all it is color coded and has a dictionary you can look up alphabetically. It then tells you exactly how to use the oil for what you are needing. Consistency is always key here.

Five Love Languages– I can not say enough about this one. I have a post here on it. If you want to have better relationships with your partner, kids, parents, siblings, co workers, any human…this is a must read.

Raw Power– This book shows you how you can build a strong body and muscles with raw food. Great book to shift paradigms.

The Red Tent– This was a good book just for fun! I loved how it showed how women took care of each other and had time to themselves, we miss this in our society today. I really loved the remedies that she used with people she took care of. Great midwife and doula book.

Forgotten Women Of God– This book is amazing! Women are amazing! This book is a super easy and short read, it goes through women’s stories and fills in a lot of holes. It is fun to hear the rest of the story and get a more full picture.

Coconut Cures– Super short, easy read book that gives so many remedies and things you can do with coconut oil.

Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies– I have gifted and suggested this book to so many. It has many ideas and uses of oils for every stage of pregnancy and for baby. It will help make all of those new transitions a lot easier.

Crystal Bible– Great book to start learning about gem stones! Which you can use just as much as any other remedy in this world. They hold energy, give energy and raise your frequency, help with emotions and much more. Since I was little I have collected rocks, individually unique but each part of one great whole, they can help us heal.

Animal Speak– Such a fun book! This is one I use as reference a lot as well. It explains how animals have unique messages for

us and how to work with them. The book goes over what messages each animal carries and it has been spot on for me in my experiences. I use it when an animal shows up in a dream, or if an experience happens during the day. It teaches about animal totems and spirit guides and how to start recognizing help where it is given. This book helps you realize the universe speaks to you in so many more ways than you knew.

Nutritional Healing– This is a reference book I keep on hand as well. It goes through all supplements and nutrition and tells you what they are for. Also, how the body uses them and how to know if your supplements are synthetic (man made) or from a natural source. This information helps you not waste your money and get the best supplements that will be absorbed and used.

How to Hug a Porcupine– Wow. This one changed my life. This one helps you put up boundaries and be able to better cope with the toxic and hard people in your life. If you implement these things the toxic person eventually shifts. They end up leaving your life, or know they can not get away with their toxic habits with you anymore and so they stop. I talk more about this book here.

Highly Sensitive Personality– This book is a game changer. If you know the terms: empath, intuitive, indigo child, crystal child… this would be a great book for you. There is a test you can take in the beginning of it, and it gives you tools to be able to better cope with the world and the noise of it.

Original Wisdom– This is a personal story of a psychologist living in the mountainous jungle of Malaysia. He lived with  the aboriginal Sng’oi people and learned their ways. The lifestyle of this indigenous peoples of the world, exist in complete harmony with the natural world and with each other. The book reveals a model of a society built on trust, patience, and joy rather than anxiety, hurry, and acquisition. A model of society we need to return to.

Hidden Messages In Water– This book is super fun, it details the experiments of Dr Emoto. He put words on water- which is the carrier of words and vibrations, and showed how these words affected the water. This book shows the power of our words, our thoughts and how they can affect our world and health, and who we speak to.

Flower Essences Repertory– Reference guide book for flower essences in use with essential oils. Flower essences are great to use for emotions.

Healing Oils of the Bible– Dive deeper into essential oils and how they were used anciently and for what purposes. This book goes through more of the frequency side of the oils and how they can help you. The oils that are used for spiritually and have been used for centuries.

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