It is hard when you are ignored and pushed out from friends, people, groups and even family. People who professed to care for you, who said they loved you. People and relationships come in and out of your life. Some stay for longer periods and some have very quick seasons. These seasons of change that come are painful. The shift in the people in our lives can leave us in a season where it is very lonely. This quiet, stillness and lonely time can also be a powerful time in your life.

Problem is that it is our human nature that likes to hold onto the old

Sometimes we know a person is not good for us and we know they are dragging us down. We think that if we let them go, we are going to be lonely.

Yes, we will be lonely. When we are having a shift in our relationships and friendships, it will always be lonely until the new ones come. The good thing is that it is only for a season. You will never be asked to give something up for God, without Him giving you something better back in return. Like the Proverb 13:20 says:

He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

When you walk with wise men, you will become wise. You cannot hang out with the chickens and expect to be like an eagle! Here’s the key: if you do not let go of the wrong people, you will never meet the right people.

If you have people close to you who are constantly pulling you down, telling you what you can’t do and how you will never accomplish your dreams, understand that it is scriptural to show them the door. In Mark 5, Jesus went to see the girl who everyone thought was dead. He told them she was not dead and they mocked Him. He then showed them the door and simply asked them to leave. His attitude was: I do not need your doubt. I do not need you telling me what I ca not do. I am going to surround myself with believers, with people of faith, with people who lift me up and understand me.

The only thing that is keeping some people from a new level of their destiny, is the wrong friendships

God will not only give you new friends, He will give you better friends. People who inspire you, people who celebrate you, and people who push you forward. You need people who are joined in spirit with you. You need people who will join faith with you and not try to talk you out of what is in your heart.

It is better to make a change and be lonely for a season, than be poisoned for a lifetime by the wrong people

It is a new season. Different types of relationships have an odd way of identifying which aspects of your life that need attention. Sometimes they reveal our vulnerabilities, insecurities, need for attention, approval or acceptance. Relationships are a mirror image of your own life. How you feel and treat yourself, as well as how you respond to different situations and people around you. How you treat others is how you feel about yourself.

Every relationship is a chance for your own personal growth. A season of loneliness can be empowering. Take the time to feel the stillness and the peace of not so many voices and opinions. Evaluate what you learned and then attract the new people you want.

There is a difference between LONELINESS and ALONENESS.

Have you ever pondered the difference for you? Have you felt both? Knowing these and feeling both can help the perceptions of your life.

LONELINESS: Seeks outside distraction, Feels guilt and shame, Feels disconnected, Feels abandoned, Feels sad when isolated, Dependent on others for happiness, Rooted in Fear.

ALONENESS: Goes within, Feels peace and joy, Connected with self, Feels liberated and freedom, Finds joy when isolated, Creates happiness from within, Rooted in Love.

Some solutions for switching the vibration from loneliness to aloneness would be to look at where you are NOT being authentic in life. Are you being a certain way for others? Do you think you are projecting who they want you to be? Are you identifying with “forms”? What are you building your identity off of? Working through any fears around being alone. Looking at co dependency.

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