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Wow I do not know how much to say in this post. This has been such a huge lesson for me in the last year. I never realized how important it is in our life to live in the present. I had learned a long time ago that asking “what if” questions were not good and did not benefit anything at all. What I did not realize is how to enjoy each moment, being present with whatever I was doing. And how much this can benefit your life, your health, weight, mental, emotional and lessen anxiety and stress.

It is like being mindful in everything you are doing. If you are vacuuming the house, focus and be present with vacuuming. The sounds, the patterns the vacuum makes and enjoy doing it. If you are eating a meal, sit down and focus on what you are eating. The smells, the colors, chew with purpose. Turn off the TV, music and be present. Doing just this one will help in your digestive system and you chew enough, you will get full quicker, and it will improve your weight. Now, with moms I KNOW this is a luxury. I tend to feed everyone and then eat after everyone is gone so I can do this, or eat before I call them all in!

Picture by @aarongerski
Living in the future brings anxiety

I tend to think more towards the future. This is why I had to retrain my brain, my thoughts to only think about and live for today. If I think ahead to plan things, I make sure I do not stay and live there. I bring myself back to the present moment. If a person is always living and thinking in the future asking those “what if” questions it bring a lot of anxiety. You can not know what the future brings, and most of the time we freak ourselves out for no reason. This in turn gets your adrenals always going, the unnecessary stress shuts down the digestive system. You can develop kidney stones and so many more problems. Do not think about what the future holds and enjoy the present and what you have now.

Living and always thinking about the past bring depression

The past can also bring regret, guilt and revenge. The emotion of guilt stores in your middle back, this will cause you physical pain in your back that is not needed. Revenge throws logic and morals out the window, and none of us need the repercussions of that. Forgive the past, including yourself and others. Learn the lessons the past brought you and move on. Let it go so you can grow. The only way to switch out of this is to practice acceptance. Accept what happened. Learn and change so it does not happen again, and give this courtesy to everyone else. Let them move on with their lives.

The best and easiest way I have found to be able to bring myself back to the present is to simply breathe

Breathe in your nose and out your mouth. Three deep breaths and make sure you fill all the way up, hold it for a second and then let it all the way out. I say the words in my mind or out loud “Its ok, I am ok”. This reminds your self, your mind and body that you are here, you are still alive and that there is no imminent danger. Your adrenals will normalize, your heart rate and blood pressure will calm. Close your eyes and listen to what is around you, smell and feel the atmosphere. Doing these things can take only seconds, and give you so much benefit.

It takes a while to re train a thinking process, so good thing life is a journey. There is no time frame or pressure. We are here to enjoy being alive, find our joy and live it. If we leave this life with this not done, there will be many regrets.  There are so many articles written about the regrets of people before they die. In these interesting articles the interviewers have sat down with people about to pass away and they asked them what they wished they could have changed. The common thread between all of them is: play more, vacation and see the world, do what they loved and lived a more present and full life. It is good to take their advice sooner than later I think!

Decide what you want believe that you’ll get it. Live as if you already have it. -Vybe Source

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