All this talk on alkaline vs acidic, very simply put everything has a PH- an acidic or alkaline state. The reason this is important to know and for you to understand for your body is because every sickness, cold, flu, parasites, disease, cancer thrives in an acidic environment.

So if you body is acidic you then create a world for those things to inhabit and take take hold.

If you simply bring your body to a more alkaline state those things cannot survive/live.

This is why the Make a Switch page is so important. These things we eat and use are acidic and end up making us acidic and thus causing our problems.

Changing your lifestyle and the food you eat and products you use will help make your body more alkaline. When your body is alkaline your bodies frequency also increases.

How do I make my body Alkaline?

You can eat the foods that are more alkaline and drink water that is alkaline. Since our body is mostly water, water if a great and easy way. There are some water filters that filter your water and alkalinize it that you can buy, a popular brand is Kangen. If you do not want to invest that much right now, start eating the foods that are alkaline- see the chart below. And you can add these drops to your water (max of 2 weeks at a time) to make your water alkaline.

True PH- NaClO2

Is a safe, stable, inorganic compound. It is an exceptional disinfectant agent due to its oxidative properties. When added to water, sodium chlorite is converted to chlorine dioxide, which in turn releases oxygen.

Researchers have found that many bacteria, fungi, and viruses are destroyed when exposed to the reactive species of oxygen produced in an oxygenated environment. Increasing oxygen levels in the tissue surrounding cancerous tumors have often resulted in a decrease in the tumor size and an increase in cancer cure rates due to the improved efficiency of radiation and other cytotoxic therapies.

True PH alkalinizes the body and enhances oxygen delivery. Creating an oxygenated internal environment allows the body to better fight infections and viruses as well as eliminates toxins.  It also helps the body burn fat and produce energy.

Some of the conditions for which True PH might be used:

*Colds and Flu, Infections, Candida, Rash, Water Purification, Shingles, Bug Bites.

Recommended Dosage: Take 10 to 15 drops in 6 to 8 oz of water one time daily for one to two weeks. Discontinue the third week, then resume for an extra week if needed.

Note: Always dilute with water before use!  If you accidentally get True PH in your eyes, immediately flush your eyes with fresh water immediately.

Here is also another option of how to make Alkaline water and research of how alkaline water kills cancer.


True PH drops

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