There is a principal that has always functioned on this earth. When I understood it, it made a lot of things become more clear. This post is about how there are 2 sides to every coin. The coin I am talking about here is the Zodiac signs. Everything on this earth can be used for light or for darkness. What I learned is that most things came from light first and then darkness usurped it and made it theirs. This is the lesson I have learned: Look at what you think is “evil” or “dark” and then think about how that symbol might have come from the light first.

Here are some examples:

The Number 13. The world is afraid of this number, Friday the 13th right? It has been labeled as an accursed number. If you understood that this actually is a very high frequency number of light, knowing that 12+1=13, 12 being the number for government, and one being in the middle. Symbolizing that the realm of light is governed by The One, having one in the middle and 12 surrounding Him. This information might make you view 13 different yes?

The symbol of the pentagram. it is a known occult symbol and used often as such. It was first known and used to symbolize the 5 wounds of Christ. Also, to represent the 5 senses of the human body. You can take this principal and apply it to anything that is used for darkness and find that the symbol is first and foremost a symbol of light.

Some others to think on: the rainbow, the bee, the flower of life, the serpent, the all seeing eye, infinity symbol, the inverted pentagram, the swastika or the spiral. There are SO many that have been usurped for darkness.

What has happened is that darkness has taken all of these things and tried to make it theirs. What needs to happen is a reclaiming of these symbols of light. And this will only happen with understanding. The symbols I wanted to focus on in this post are the stars and signs of the zodiac. I have SO many pictures of stars. The have so much wonder and magic. I have always been intrigued by them and all the stories they tell.

The Keeper of the Stars

There is teaching and tradition that any knowledge of the stars and zodiac signs is evil. But can I ask you…Who made the stars? Did they first come from light or darkness? Like stated above anything of light can be used for darkness. The stars have been used for things of darkness in the past and will continue to be used this way until enough people know and reclaim the knowledge for light. They are the map of heaven. Telling stories of the past, present and future. The sign of the upside down cross or crux, symbolizing how Peter was crucified. Virgo, The Virgin, symbolizing Mary. The Big Dipper, the seven sisters or Pleiades… ALL of these symbols are symbols of light and have several layers of meaning to them.

The one who is the keeper of the stars made us a map, stories that have layers of meaning. And they can also be very personal to each individual. Knowing your zodiac sign and reading about it, from a place of light can help you understand who you are as a person, your personality and help to know yourself. Each planet and star has a certain frequency and vibration it carries. You have already heard this before in the popular book: Men are from Mars, and Woman are from Venus. Mars has the male energy, fighting and war. Venus is a feminine planet and energy of softness and grace.

Unique Energy

This energy goes for each planet and every single star. It is spiritual science really. You can study and learn what the light has to teach you about the stars and planets, and your zodiac sign. They can help guide you, give witness to, and teach us many things. How and where they show up in your life is a message for you. It is an understanding of the energy they carry that is the message. There is so much to learn and so much we do not know.

There are two sides to every coin. This was a lesson I learned and it helped get rid of judgement. Learning about numbers, sacred geometry, the stars, healing, herbs, can all be used for whichever side of the coin you function from. Everything was made from Light first. Find the light, see the light and good in everything, for this is the highest form of discernment.

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