Welcome to STEP 3- Using an Oil! Let’s talk about Essential Oils.

Essential oils have the highest frequencies known. Just by putting one drop of an essential oil anywhere on your body can raise your frequency immediately. It will also last several hours depending on how your body uses it.

Let me explain how using an oil can do this:

First, let’s go over “What is an Essential Oil?” 

Essential oils come from plants, herbs and fruit. They are natural and from the earth. The oil is extracted from thousands of fresh roots, leaves, peels or any part of the plant that has the highest therapeutic value. It is then put into a distillation process where it is pressurized and the oil is extracted.

Have you ever squeezed the peel of a lemon and got the oil on your hands? This is different from the juice inside the lemon. This is where lemon oil comes from, that outside peel. But how much oil can you get from one peel? This is why it takes 50 lemon peels to fill a small 15 ml bottle.

Imagine if it was a flower petal? How much oil do you think comes out of a petal? Not much. In fact, it would take over 105 pounds of rose petals to fill a 5 ml bottle.

The oil is essentially the life blood of the plant. This makes the oil more concentrated than the plant itself. In this way the health benefits and the fragrance are preserved, and will not lose its flavor like a dried herb does.

For example: We use dry herbs to make tea and season our food. One tea bag with 1 TBS of dried peppermint leaves makes us 1 cup of tea, but if we use the oil concentrate from fresh peppermint leaves, one drop would make you 28 cups of peppermint tea! Incredible right?!  Or 1 drop of basil essential oil would replace your 1 TBS of dried basil for your sauces. (If you are wondering about taking oils internally see post Internal Use)

How do they raise my frequency?

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

Nikoa Tesla

A vibration is the process of movement back and forth at a rapid pace- it is energy in constant movement. Everything is in a state of vibration. Everything has frequency. Frequency is the measurable rate of electrical energy flow that is constant between any two points, and is the word to use when measuring the vibration of something.

Everything is made of energy, thus everything around us has a vibration. These energies fall into a wide range of low and high frequencies and generally speaking, the higher the frequency, the better the benefit.

Plants have their own frequency. Each one is different and unique. Because the essential oil is extracted from the plant in its natural state, they carry a very high frequency. In fact, they have some of the highest frequencies found on earth.

This is why using an oil on you that carries a high frequency will raise your frequency. But the opposite is also true, applying products or digesting foods that have a low frequency will also lower your personal frequency. This is why Make The Switch is the first step. 

To learn more about the body’s frequency continue reading this post here: The Body’s Overall Frequency

If you want to learn how essential oils can help with emotions see the Class & Tutorial Emotional First Aid


–Oils to Raise my Frequency–

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