Our hair is an extension of our nervous system, ever wonder why the Native Americans never cut their hair? Here is fun article to read-

Why Native american Keep their Hair Long

Healing your hair and doing hair masks will help keep those pesky split ends at bay, and then you wont have to cut your hair as often and save you money.

Here are some recipes you can use at home
  • 1 cup Coconut oil
  • 1 cup honey

Leave in hair for 10 to 60 minutes in hair cap. Then take a shower and shampoo twice or until all oil and honey is out of hair. Honey has so many amazing properties. You can read the post here about it, The Honey Cure.

Aragon Oil

Aragon oil is also amazing for hair, you can simply put it on the ends really well and tie it up and put a shower cap on and then sleep in that overnight and shower in the morning.

  • For dry hair you can add Geranium
  • Fragile hair you can add Clary Sage
  • For Oil hair add Basil
  • Add growth use Thyme
  • And if you deal with an itchy scalp use Peppermint
Healing Hair Serum

I also discovered this root to tip serum and I will never be with out it again! Instead of a serum with toxins that you run in after you style on the ends, this one you put on the scalp and ends and rub in thoroughly. It heals the hair form the scalp and heals all conditions listed above. The first time I used it I felt an immediate difference! I could not stop touching my hair and it was so soft. It does not leave it greasy or oily, if you have damaged hair you will love the Root to Tip serum.


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