Research has been done to suggest that scented candles could actually make us quite sick. And it’s not just candles—aerosols, plug-ins, gels, incense sticks and Febreze are included in this because of the synthetic fragrance and chemicals.

Breathing all those chemicals in can cause lung damage. Plus, because those toxins store and affect each cell, those chemicals make your cells mutate and go crazy. (Check out the research here.)

This is very important one to switch out, not only because you cut out the toxins in your home and for your family, but you will save money and it will actually benefit you emotionally and mentally!

Make a Switch: Candles- Alternatives to Toxic Candles and Scents:

Two simple solutions are making your own non-toxic candles or getting a diffuser. If you want to make your own, check out this link how to make beeswax candles.

Have you heard of diffusers? They changed my life. I love my house smelling clean and fresh. And it has so many other uses!

You can use a diffuser to

  • Help you breath, and even get better, when you are sick. Just place it next to your bed and diffuse essential oils
  • Disinfect the air to stop the spreading of viruses.
  • Make your house or room smell nice (I like diffusing lemon, coriander and arborvitae).
  • Help with homework and studying (use rosemary oil to improve your memory).
  • Lift up your mood and energy (use wild orange and grapefruit).
  • Deodorize the air after you husband cooks fish.

It’s so amazing, really one of the best things I have. You just refill it with water and change the scent anytime you want. So cheap right? I have posted several diffuser recipes on the instagram account but one of my favorite is Grapefruit and Douglas Fir. 




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