Salt is not bad for you! The salt that your doctor says to go off of because of high blood pressure is table salt or iodized salt—table salt that has been processed and refined with ingredients added to it, like iodine. It is best to take Iodine that the body will be able to absorb quickly. Iodine is needed in the body, but only in small amounts and from natural sources. With as much salt as we use, the high amounts of iodine are causing thyroid problems.

An easy switch to to make to a mineral salt, Himalayan salt, sea salt and other types of salt to cook with that taste great and actually have good benefits for you. But let’s face it, we have a very salty palate, so if you can start using less, your body will detox and get used to it. Less is more and your food will still taste great. The best option is to get a fine grater and a chunk of Himalayan salt rock and grate it over your food. This will last you a while, it is good for you, and wont be hard on the body.

We use the brand Redmond Real Salt because it has the minerals intact. Costco also has a great option for sea salt.

Check out the Toothpaste made with sea salt.


Costco Sea Salt

Redmond Real Salt

Real Salt on Amazon

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