A lot of clients that I see all have a hard time with digesting and absorbing protein. It is important to choose an organic isolate protein. I can tell they are digesting and absorbing protein because I see this in their blood as it causes the blood to be very thick.

Even in people who have their eating on track and work out. If you are not choosing a good protein it will just stay in your blood and make it thick. This is actually an issue with most people because our diets contain so much protein.

This can cause you to be tried and lethargic and your oxygen levels drop along with other things, this will be in more detail in a separate post.

This post is to help you know what you are looking for. You want a protein that has the word “isolate” on it. This means the protein is broken down for your body. This is so that your body does not have to make a withdraw from your pancreas of enzymes to break that protein down.

Protein is about pairing with with its best friend- Enzymes.

There are a lot of options of good protein. If you are going to eat it, here is a list of how hard these are for your body to break down in order:

  1. Pork. This is the hardest and most unclean. Pork is full of parasites and it takes the body on average 13 hours to break it down. It essentially sits in your system and rots. Yes this includes bacon, sorry.
  2. Beef. This is a bit better than pork but still takes a while to break down. If interested on some research read this Science Have Finally Discovered…
  3. Chicken. Chicken is easier for your system, still taking an enzyme is best.
  4. Fish or Turkey. Getting easier here, these would be the easiest protein choices in a meat form.
  5. Soaked raw nuts, sprouted grains, green drinks, Quinoa, Amaranth, Tofu, Seaweed. These are your protein forms that are not from dead flesh. Did you know amaranth has as much protein as meat? There are a lot of fun recipes and things to do with quinoa, grains and beans.

Okay now you now the list of proteins and how easy or hard they are for your body. It is obviously not a complete list but generally trying to show you what is a better and what is a best choice.

It is not about what you ingest, but what you digest that matters.

If you think you need a lot of protein, but your body is not absorbing it, then it does you nothing.

In any of these you should be taking an enzyme 20 min before the meal or at least with it to help your body break it down. Buy organic and grass fed meat if possible so that you avoid the chemical and added hormones. If any protein choice is cooked over 118 then you need an enzyme- its best friend. This will keep your blood from going sticky and thick.

Lets talk about some powders you can add to shakes as good options for Organic Protein Choices.

Remember you want them to be isolate. Most protein powders are from whey or eggs. Now those with gluten intolerance cannot do the whey and those wanting a vegan or vegetarian option do not want the eggs.

So here are some plant based ones that I use. I always add a greens to my shakes as well, this is easy for kids and getting those fruits and veggies in.


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