There are a lot of chemicals in your toothpaste, but what I want to talk about here is fluoride. Yes your body needs a tiny bit, but I said tiny tiny bit. It does not mean you need it every time you brush your teeth, in the ounces water you drink everyday, and in your showers where your body absorbs the most, and then every 6 months when you go to the dentist. Ahh!

The government has changed the amount they add to the water in communities. They now admit we have been overdosed for decades. More and more communities are opting out to adding it to the city water.

I will tell you what happens when your body gets overloaded with it.

It calcifies your pineal glad, which is in the center of your brain, and works with your pituitary gland, which is your master glad for your endocrine system or hormones. When it gets calcified, it impairs brain function and creativity and spiritual sight, along with diabetes and lowering IQ. Check out the articles here, or here on How fluoride damages pineal glad and how to decalcify it.

I switched my family off of fluoride toothpaste 5 years ago, and man, if we ever run out and have to use a commercial one I can taste the chemicals in them now and it makes my teeth sensitive and makes the inside of my mouth peel.

There is a way to de-calcify the pineal gland from years of fluoride intake, so do not get discouraged. You will find there are ways to heal everything, and you can find the solutions to this on the Classes page.

Switching out your toothpaste will put you in the right direction. I love love love this on guard toothpaste, which naturally whitens and tastes great for kids and for sensitive teeth. If you are wanting to make your own, I have recipes for that as well!

You can make your own from the DIY Recipes here- Non Toxic Toothpaste.

If you are looking for something to whiten caps and heal enamel and cavities, check out this charcoal toothpaste recipe you can make: Activated Charcoal Toothpaste.

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