This tutorial was put together because over 40 millions americans have problems with kidney stones and infections. They develop from diets high in refined sugar, sodium, and protein and increased stress. This makes up most of the american diet hence of why we have this problem.

Your kidneys are responsible for so many things in your body:
  • The assimilation of vitamins into your blood
  • They regulate blood pressure
  • Regulate and control the production of red blood cells
  • Balance your body’s fluid levels, stopping water retention and dehydration.

The stones are painful to pass as they are sharp and jagged, but there are easy remedies and solutions and you can take a proactive stance and clean out those kidneys so that you do not develop these problems. Download/print out the free protocol for easy less painful way to rid your kidneys of them and to follow along with the video.

Kidney Cleanse Protocol

If you are wondering what they look like:

Kidneys need the proper amount of water each day to be able to do their job.

See the chart below to see how much water your kidneys need to be healthy:

Where do I get the stuff for my cleanse?

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