This tutorial was created so that you can have the tools and information you need to maintain all the hard work of all the cleanses you have done.

Getting your health were you want it to be takes work!

In this I go over water intake, fasting techniques to integrate into the rest of the year when you are not cleansing. As well as 3 basic easy steps to understand to have a healthy full life of energy and vitality. See the water intake chart below that is referred to in the tutorial.

For more information on Alkaline see post What is Alkaline?

To follow along with the tutorial download/print the protocol

Daily Maintenance, Water and Fasting Protocol

Your body needs the proper amount of water a day in order to be able to function and do its job well. The kidneys are especially responsible for regulating your water retention.

Here is the chart referred to in the protocol to see how much water you individually need for your body.

Where do I get this stuff?

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