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This Natures Probiotic has multiple different strains of stabilized probiotics, with 35 billion CFU/g per serving. Also added is a Pre-Biotic called Xylo Oligosaccahride which acts as food for the friendly bacteria and aids in growth. This pre-biotic helps withstand the bile salts and acidic conditions of your digestive system. Natures Probiotic helps establish/replenish your probiotic lining. The probiotics arrive on location where they are most needed to effectively replenish the mucosa lining and support your immune system.

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The word Probiotic means “For Life.”  Most Americans are unfamiliar with the function of probiotics. Probiotics are the good beneficial bacteria that compose and make up your intestinal wall. This is called the mucosa membrane or mucosa lining.  We need this protective shield to defend us from the onslaught of bad bacteria, undigested foods and stomach acids. This Natures Probiotic supplement will help you build up your good flora.


What you need to know:

Probiotics were mostly introduced into our system through gardening. On the skins of the berries, fruits, and veggies that were unsprayed we gathered our food and ate it fresh without having to worry about washing off chemicals. These are living probiotics and made from the sun and soil, they are made from life on the skin of living food.

Probiotics from fermented foods can still be good for you but they are not living probiotics. They are derived from death and decay of the food in the fermentation process. It is simply good to know there is a difference. This affects the frequency which they hold. 

There is something else for which you should always be on the alert and watch.  When choosing a probiotic supplement, make sure that it is from a stabilized source. This means it can survive the stomach and body temperature. If your probiotic source has to be refrigerated, so that the live culture bacteria can survive; they then are destroyed when they enter your body before they make it to your gut. Regardless of how many strains or billions of units of probiotics are found in a supplement, unless it was manufactured to survive the intestines, the effectiveness of that product is greatly diminished.

A good source of a natural living probiotic is sprouts and your garden. You can make these yourself and eat alone or on salads. If you simply need an on the go solution this Natures Probiotic supplement is your answer.

Did you know?

Your body was designed to have about three pounds of “friendly bacteria” in your intestines at all times?  These “friendly bacteria,” known as flora, live to control the over 400 harmful bacteria that bombard your body. The probiotics in our body are commonly referred to as your “second immune system.”

Most people do not have enough probiotics in their digestive system, to properly control the harmful bacteria in the body, and this leaves them susceptible to many serious conditions. Supplementing probiotics can support those conditions such as:

  • Excess gas
  • Leaky gut syndrome
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Allergies
  • Diarrhea
  • Colitis
  • Diabetes
  • Meningitis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis of the spine
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Serum cholesterol
  • Herpes simplex of the mouth
  • Acne
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Yeast and Candida
Why is the human population so low on good flora?

As said above, we have lost our hunting and gathering ways. Our food and lifestyles have changed. All of the chemicals and washing kill the good bacteria as well as the bad.

Antibiotics do not know the difference between friendly and harmful bacteria, and therefore kill them both.  Anyone who uses antibiotics has significantly depleted their Flora supply. Even if you have never taken an antibiotic, virtually every meat producer in America injects their animals with antibiotics, and those antibiotics are then sadly passed on to you.  If you eat meat, you take antibiotics. The answer is simply: the over use of antibiotics.

The source of our health and vitality is our gut. If you have a busy lifestyle and want to rebuild your immune system and gut health, this stabilized Natures Probiotic supplement is a great solution.

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