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  • Be Rooted Herbal Drink Mix


    BE ROOTED Herbal Drink Mix

    This 4 oz airtight glass bottle contains about 12 servings

  • Morning Cereal


    This Morning Cereal is an easy way to get you going in a couple of hours. First thing in the morning is best to drink 8oz of water and do…

  • Natures Probiotic


    This Natures Probiotic has multiple different strains of stabilized probiotics, with 35 billion CFU/g per serving. Also added is a Pre-Biotic called Xylo Oligosaccahride which acts as food for the friendly bacteria and aids in growth. This pre-biotic helps withstand the bile salts and acidic conditions of your digestive system. Natures Probiotic helps establish/replenish your probiotic lining. The probiotics arrive on location where they are most needed to effectively replenish the mucosa lining and support your immune system.

    *vegan capsule