Heal Infection Tincture


It is always good to have on hand what you need before you need it. This is a basic tincture to be on top of any infection that might come your way. When you have an infection you want to treat it as quickly as possible. This tincture will help you and kill the bacteria and infection where ever it is.

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This Heal Infection Tincture was made with the best herbs that are very powerful in killing what is behind your infection. Usually an infection is from a build up of bad bacteria. Infections can move quickly so it is best to treat it quickly and take enough to kill the infection. You can use the tincture in several different ways. You can use this tincture topically on a wound (though it will sting a bit, it will not be for long and this means it is killing the bacteria) or you can also take it internally to treat the whole body. This will take a bit longer as you are treating the whole body, so be aware of this. To give your body the best chance it is best to treat the area directly if you can.


Other things to add:

It is also good to add 1000mg of a good Vitamin C in your system and this will help kill the infection as well.

After you are feeling better, keep treating yourself for 3 days to make sure all of the bad bacteria is all killed off. Otherwise it will just build back up and kick you again.

Take a probiotic to build up the good bacteria in your system.


For Adults– 3 droppers 3 times per day

For Kids– 1 dropper (or half) 3 times per day

Ways I can use my tincture:
  • Make a tea and add the tincture
  • Use in juice
  • add to a neti pot for sinuses
  • Or go all in and use it straight

Made with simple but powerful ingredients that have been used for centuries, this infection tincture is made with organic herbs of Usnea, Sage, Bee Balm, Goldenseal, Echinacea, Thyme, and Oregano in a potato gain based alcohol.

*Looking for larger bottles or a custom formula? Contact for questions or check out the consultations page 

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