This is a video/class I put together to go over things like:

  • Explaining how the immune system works
  • Fevers
  • Basic First Aid
  • Infections
  • Supplements and things I have on hand for babies and children so I am never stuck. And how to USE them.
  • Tips I have learned from my mother and being the oldest of 8 and 3 kids of my own.

Thank goodness I have never had to take my kids to the hospital and I have been able to handle things here with what I have. Modern medicine is a blessing and a gift that has saved over half of my families lives.

But when we rely on that system for everything then you are shooting yourself in the foot. There are easy things you can take care of at home, things like ear aches and rashes.

This way our children are not given drugs/antibiotics unnecessarily that will hinder their immune system and cause serious health problems later in their life. It will save you money with not having to take those trips to the ER and paying for those prescriptions. Teach yourself how to recognize the signs and what something serious looks like, change their diet (Check out the Make a Switch page) and work with their immune system and your household will be healthier.

Here is a free download/printable PDF for you use to along with the video

  • This protocol contains has a whole list of common aliments that you can refer back to over and over. The aliments that babies and children most commonly come down with, and what to have on hand and how to use them- so that you are prepared.

Mommy Hero Protocol

Where do I get this stuff?

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