Be Clear Herbal Chakra Latte


Be Clear Herbal Chakra Latte

This is a 4 oz airtight glass bottle and contains about 12 servings

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Blueberry and Coconut… how. can. this. be. a. bad. thing? I am a firm believer that anything coconut is a good thing. What you need to understand about this Be Clear Herbal Chakra Latte, is that I use WILD Blueberry. This is different than regular blueberries you get at the store. It is specifically WILD blueberries that detox and pull heavy metals out of the body. It is more expensive to add Wild Blueberry powder to the Be Clear Herbal Chakra Latte, but I will always be a quality over quantity type of girl. You can get wild blueberries in the frozen section of your grocery store to make smoothies. It is very important to keep heavy metals moving out in the body. Being the main food source for viruses, you want to keep heavy metals down, so your body does not get overloaded with viruses. Especially EBV, which is the root cause of a lot of illnesses.

The Be Clear Herbal Chakra Latte is a creamy fruity coconut drink. Beautiful purple color to give you a boost in the Third Eye and Crown Chakra, it is formulated with herbs for the immune system and to clear the body of low vibration heavy metals.

Benefits of the Be Clear Herbal Chakra Latte

-Detox Heavy Metals
-High in Good Fats
-Immune Boost
-Lower Blood Sugar
-Tame Inflammation

Ingredients: All organic ingredients of Wild Blueberry Powder, Acai, Elderberry, Coconut Milk, MCT powder, and Celtic Sea Salt.

Directions: Mix 1-2 tsp in 6oz of non dairy warm milk. Add your preference of sweetener. Enjoy warm or pour over ice.

This Be Clear Herbal Chakra Latte is formulated for the Third Eye Chakra

Building on the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat Chakra, the Third Eye is the center of vision and duality. The Pineal gland is key here as it creates melatonin for sleep, and DMT. The pineal gland is located in the center of the brain bringing harmony to the duality of the two hemispheres of the brain, duality of the day and night, masculine and feminine, and the inner and outer worlds. It is the center for spiritual sight, seeing into our inner world. Studies been done by Dr. Rick Strassman, with DMT and its connection to outer body experiences, lucid dreaming, and spiritual enlightenment experiences.

The Pineal Gland

Through the Third Eye Chakra, we come to see into our inner and the outer worlds. The outer world is perceived through the eyes, shaping our perception. The inner world is viewed by our Third Eye, where we receive visions and dreams. Within the inner world, we also have the capacity to “command” our vision- or consciously utilize the imagination in a way that is very real to manifest and shape our lives. When we use our imagination with the power of intention from the heart, we give our desires purpose. Our imagination is given power and transformed into a vision, and this vision then holds within it a great healing power. For good or bad. This is where your power lies, within your own thought and intentions.

Located in the middle of the forehead. The element for the Third Eye is Light, and indigo deep purple in color, the third eye chakras purpose is clear sight. The gift associated with this chakra is clairvoyance. This is the ability to directly see into the other realities and bridge the information into the waking world.

How can you tell if the Third Eye Chakra is out of balance?

If the Third Eye Chakra is UNDER ACTIVE you might have trouble trusting in the universe or a higher power to have your back. A deep feeling of isolation and having a separateness mentality. Maybe experiencing poor vision and memory and difficulty picturing a future for yourself and the Earth. A lack of imagination and being able to manifest for yourself and your life. Brain fog, lack of dreams and direction.

When the Third Eye is OVER ACTIVE maybe obsessed with psychic vision and those with the gift. Poor energetic boundaries with entities, spirits, or energies. Paranoid and having hallucinations with a tendency to space out. Not present in the body, and unable to tend to the practicalities of life. Having difficulty concentrating during the day and experiencing nightmares at night.

Physical aliments that might come up being headaches, chronic migraines, seizures, neurological disorders, personality disorders, scalp and hair issues, thin and falling out hair, vision problems and mental illness.

What you are looking for is a balance and harmony in the chakra. Being intuitive and having psychic abilities you are optimistic and imaginative. Very watchful and perceptive with a good memory. Wise and able to plan and carry out plans. Sleep well with a calm mind and can recall dreams. With an acceptance of the Divine and the ability to recognize and receive spiritual guidance, having a trust in the universe. Living in the present, open minded and a sense of oneness.

Weight 6 oz
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