Warm & Cozy


This tea blend feels like you are wrapping your insides in a warm blanket, good for cold days or days your are feeling so good. This tea comforts and soothes you into you feeling yourself again.

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Relieve the heaviness and cast out the low vibrations with the Warm Blanket blend. This signature blend, based on traditional Ayurvedic and botanicals, this Warm Blanket tea helps to rebuild wellness from within. By releasing stagnation and enlivening the senses. Brew this blend for a citrus, spicy cup of comforting tea, warming you up from the inside out. Enjoy hot.


Organic Green Rooibos, Organic Fennel, Organic Linden Flower, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Raspberries, Organic Licorice Root, Organic Neem, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Elderberries, Organic Echinacea, Organic Chili Pepper

No Caffeine 



  • STEEP TIME 5-7 Minutes
  • SERVING SIZE 1 Tbsp/8 Oz

1 Tbsp gives you one serving. I use 2-3 per serving and this will fill up my reusable cup.


If you can think ahead then you can make as normal and keep in the fridge for a couple days. If you are needing it that day you can make a “concentrate”. So if you are doing 3 Tbsp if tea in the normal way you would need 3 cups of water. For a concentrate you are going to use the same amount of tea but only 1 cup of hot water and then pour it over 2 cups of ice and it will cool it down quickly but not water it down.

*You can also make ice cubes of your tea and add those so that your tea does not get watered down but it still gets chilled. 


Make as per directions and one cup at a time or per person. Follow the steeping times. If you tea tastes “bitter” this is the caffeine content in your tea. Steep less time.

*If you prefer sweeter drinks I recommend adding 3 drops of liquid stevia 

I added this product to the VIBRATIONALITY store because we all have viruses in our body. These viruses mutate and adapt. They leave behind a mess in the body and immune system. These viruses can over take our health or they can be simply dormant and waiting for activation. Viral overload is very important to know, and heal in our bodies today. They can cause a huge array of symptoms and illnesses. Simply by reducing the viral overload in the body, can heal your health issues.

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