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  • Dreamy White Coconut


    With natural occurring trace minerals, the body is nourished and protected from bacteria and germs with the white based tea.

    SOLD IN 4oz BAGS

  • Tropical Blue Vibes


    Tropical Blue Vibes tea is high in antioxidants, and improving the skin health, it can slow down the skin aging process, prevent premature aging, and improve overall skin tone and texture. Improves hair health: Butterfly pea nourishes hair follicles, promotes hair growth, reduces hair fall, and slows down the greying of hair.

    This tea is not a loose leaf tea. To get the right amount of each herb in your cup, this one is pre packaged with a biodegradable bag for a 2 QT amount each time. For a stronger flavor I make it with 1.5 QT of water. You can steep in 2 cups of hot water for 6 minutes and then gently compress the pouch and add another 4 cups of ice/water to get an instant iced tea. Add liquid stevia drops if you would like it more sweet.

    SOLD in 4 pouches that each makes 1.5 QT of tea 

  • Cup of Liquid Sunshine with Mushrooms


    Liquid Cup of Sunshine is light to to soul, with a full tsp per serving of a 4 Mushroom Blend of Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake and Lion’s Mane. With these 4 mushrooms you are bringing calmness to the brain and nervous system, as well as building the immune system and helping to balance the body’s healthy fat content.

    This is a creamy superfood beverage supplement packed with antioxidants and powerful herbs for immunity and overall health. Lightly sweet, this can be made warm for comfort or over ice for a refreshing drink.

    Organic ingredients of– Coconut milk, Amala Fruit, MCT Oil Powder, Camu Camu, Tumeric Root, Black Pepper, Ashwagandha Root, Ginger Root, Cardamom Seed, Cinnamon Bark, Himalayan Salt, Monk Fruit and a mushroom blend of Lions Mane, Maitake, Shiitake, and Reishi.

    Directions: Add 2 tsp in 6-8 oz of water or milk. Enjoy hot or cold.

    12 servings in bag

  • Warm & Cozy


    This tea blend feels like you are wrapping your insides in a warm blanket, good for cold days or days your are feeling so good. This tea comforts and soothes you into you feeling yourself again.

  • Antiviral Licorice Tea


    This Antiviral tea will help clear the body of viruses and kill any overload to your system, while nourishing the nervous system and bringing balance.

    SOLD IN 4oz BAGS

  • Hibiscus High Vibe Tea


    In your bag of High Vibe Hibiscus you are getting 4oz of an organic tea blend that is healing your body and giving you all those good vibes.

    SOLD IN 4oz BAGS