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  • Nano Silver Natural Antibiotic


    Nano silver can kill bacteria, viruses and fungus. This nano silver is 200ppm of nano silver (thats high compared to other brands) and infused with anti-viral essential oils. A 2oz empty spray bottle, nasal pump and eye dropper are included with the 32oz bottle for all your things you will use it for.

    For more details on this product see this page.

    *Offered in bulk as well email for more info

  • Immune Restore made with Shiaqga Mushroom


    This Shiaqga Mushroom supplement will boost the immune system, detox and then with stem cell regeneration properties rebuild the body in a more balanced and healthy way.

    This supplement Shiaqga stem cell regeneration, is part of Vibrationality for several reasons, and is now up in our new store with new branding!

    NOTE: With the rebranding it got a NEW name and NEW label. It is the SAME product with the Shiaqga mushroom as before.

    SOLD IN 2 fl oz Bottles

    *Shiaqga has gone through new branding and labeling. It is the same product, same formula you are used to with the older label 

  • Natures Probiotic


    This Natures Probiotic has multiple different strains of stabilized probiotics, with 35 billion CFU/g per serving. Also added is a Pre-Biotic called Xylo Oligosaccahride which acts as food for the friendly bacteria and aids in growth. This pre-biotic helps withstand the bile salts and acidic conditions of your digestive system. Natures Probiotic helps establish/replenish your probiotic lining. The probiotics arrive on location where they are most needed to effectively replenish the mucosa lining and support your immune system.

    *vegan capsule

  • Natures Vitamin C


    This is a natural source of Vitamin C from nature, that your body with recognize. With out any side affects and tastes good! Add to smoothies, or simply add water and drink up.

  • Warm & Cozy


    This tea blend feels like you are wrapping your insides in a warm blanket, good for cold days or days your are feeling so good. This tea comforts and soothes you into you feeling yourself again.

  • Golden Lemon Turmeric


    An invigorating blend of turmeric, ginger, and lemon. Best for the Vata Dosha, this loose leaf blend draws from Ayurvedic principles to energize and awaken your mind and body.

  • Elderberry Syrup


    Elderberries bring a lot of health benefits, high in Vitamin C, phenolic acids (antioxidants), flavonols, anthocyanins, elderberries have anti-inflammatory effects. Good for the heart health and blood pressure. They are also good in treating infections, especially influenza and UTI.

    SOLD IN 4 fl oz