Inner You Discovery Book


The Inner You Discovery Book contains five sections all about you.

You will receive with your order:

  • The design and layout of the 40 page book ready to go for you
  • The Healing modality for your Zodiac (which is already put in for you)
  • The Gene Keys Info for all your 11 numbers
  • The explanation of your Human Design
  • Your Numerology Chart
  • Digital copy of your INNER YOU BOOK
  • AND a 30 minute appointment when your book is done to explain everything.

Information needed: Full name at birth, date of birth, location of birth and time of birth.  This information can be sent to me via email after checkout and order is complete.

I will then email you all the links and information you need to get started. Because of copyright you will need to be involved with the creation of your book. You will simply pull  your charts from the links I provide, and copy and paste the explanation for the Natal Chart. I will put in the rest, we will work in tandem in the editing of the book.

*Allow 1 week depending on orders to create your book and schedule your session. 

If interested you can also order a bound softcover book with your digital copy for your studying. I will give you the directions on how.

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In the stars it tells a story about your life, your personality, your challenges, your health. This story was co-created with you before you came here. This story of your life goes into great detail about your inner world and life. Everyone has a different story- what does your tell about you?

I created and put together this Inner You Discovery Book, to help people find their purpose and identity. To know who you are is one of the greatest gifts, “Know Thyself” Socrates said. In this journey you find what brings your mind and body into harmony. The highest version and expression of yourself, mentally and physically. The Inner You Discovery Book is an average of 40 pages and goes over five sections about you.

What is contained in my Inner You Discovery Book?

First, the book goes over your Personal Healing Modalities. These are things you can start doing, taking, practicing that will bring your body’s constitution into resonance and express vitality. It will give you oils, stones, herbs, supplements, and daily rituals that will help make the biggest difference in your life. Since not everyone is built the same, you can know exactly the things to help YOU and your energetics. This way you will see results quicker.

Second is your Natal Chart information. Your natal chart is what the stars looked like and where the planets were at the time you chose to come to earth. Remember, you were part of creating your plan, but you do not remember it. Your Natal Chart is a picture of the heavens and it helps give you a remembrance of the plan you designed. It shows: personality, challenges, energy that you came in with and what you want to leave with. Any health issues will show up as well. It is your life, designed by you.

The Gene Keys and Human Design work together

Third is your Gene Keys. In your Gene Keys it contains deeper information about your gifts and your highest potential. There are 64 Gene keys to choose from, and you chose 11 of them specifically for you, for this lifetime- in a certain order. These numbers explain your fears, personalty and a potential of where you are going with the gifts encoded in your DNA.

The fourth section gives you a taste of your Numerology. This is the energy signature you carry with just your name. There are five main numbers in your numerology: your Life Path, Expression, Personality, Soul Urge, and Birthday numbers. Each of these numbers provide key information about different aspects of your life. I include the main number for your life.

Lastly, your Human Design chart and explanation. The Human design is like Gene keys and contains some of the same information. It also has many different things to add that Gene Keys does not go over. Like the best way your body digests food, more about your personality. Together, with the Gene Keys you gain a fuller picture. Are you a Manifestor? A Generator? Maybe a Reflector, or a Projector?

This is just a taste, there is always more to learn about yourself. It is a lifelong journey. This book gives you a sample of each of these sections and it is then up to you to dive deeper.

4 reviews for Inner You Discovery Book

  1. Christina M

    I had the absolute privilege of working with Leticia to co-create this work of art. She has poured her soul into this work and words fall short of the gratitude I have for the wisdom and gifts she shares through this work. She effortlessly brings the innate wisdom of so many modalities and merges them into this book. I learned so much about astrology which has at times been “information overload,” and everything from the Heavens merged with my love of Mother Earth. I now have a road-map to understanding myself on a deeper level through Gene Keys, Astrology, and Human Design. I look forward to creating these for each of my littles, to be able to understand connect with them on deeper levels! When they leave the nest I will send them with their own little guidance map to life!

  2. Melonie Curtis

    LETICIA, it has been so fun to learn about myself through the heavens! When I first started looking at my astrology chart, it was so helpful to have you understand so many things about that, and share them with me. Then I found the gene codes. I was so excited when I found out that you were doing a BOOK with everything combined! You are so knowledgeable about the patterns and how the gene codes interface with the human design and your astrology chart. It is even been more helpful to learn about each of my kids! Knowing the inner workings of their life really helps me to be a better mother! Thank you for helping me to understand myself and those around me !

  3. Mistie Park Huff

    “My book is priceless!! It gives and explains so many thing that have helped me raise my vibration and become a better me. Leticia put her passion for this work into helping you find you. I think everyone needs one of these books to help them understand their gifts and their shadows. Thank you Letica for sharing your passion and gifts with me to help me raise my vibration.” -Mistie

  4. Marnae

    “My book has been very intriguing for me to study. It answers so many things about me. Leticia put my book together in such a very beautiful understandable way.” -Marnae

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