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  • Inner You Discovery Book


    The Inner You Discovery Book contains five sections all about you.

    You will receive with your order:

    • The design and layout of the 40 page book ready to go for you
    • The Healing modality for your Zodiac (which is already put in for you)
    • The Gene Keys Info for all your 11 numbers
    • The explanation of your Human Design
    • Your Numerology Chart
    • Digital copy of your INNER YOU BOOK
    • AND a 30 minute appointment when your book is done to explain everything.

    Information needed: Full name at birth, date of birth, location of birth and time of birth.  This information can be sent to me via email after checkout and order is complete.

    I will then email you all the links and information you need to get started. Because of copyright you will need to be involved with the creation of your book. You will simply pull  your charts from the links I provide, and copy and paste the explanation for the Natal Chart. I will put in the rest, we will work in tandem in the editing of the book.

    *Allow 1 week depending on orders to create your book and schedule your session. 

    If interested you can also order a bound softcover book with your digital copy for your studying. I will give you the directions on how.