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  • Healthy Teeth and Gums


    Not only have I been able to heal my kids teeth and avoid cavity costs, this tincture will help bad breath as well. There are many uses for it, and it will kill the bad bacteria and re balance everything for overall oral health. Simply keep on bathroom counter so that it reminds the kids (or you) to use it right before bed.

    • Apply 1 drop directly onto tooth
    • Soak a q-tip and bite down for nerve pain/infection for 1-2 minutes
    • Apply on gums that need healing or infection
    • Can also put some water in mouth, add 1 dropper and swish to treat whole mouth. Then spit it out.
    • Add 3 droppersful in a water pick.

    SOLD in 1 fl oz

  • Coconut Oil


    Coconut Treat Coconut Oil- 32oz or 1 Gallon. RAW Extra Virgin and cold-pressed. This coconut oil is exactly as it sounds- a treat. It smells and amazing and is the highest quality.

    SOLD IN 32oz Container