432Hz Software for MAC

432Hz is the frequency in which DNA replicates, and helps cells rejuvenate and repair themselves. It is also the frequency of creation and helps open the heart and brain energy centers or chakras.


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This software converts and changes your music from 440Hz to 432Hz. Called RETURN to 432.


In today’s world, you’ll find that most of the music you hear is generally in a frequency of 440Hz. This was the standard tuning set in 1926.

This is the frequency at which the instruments A note is tuned to, and then the rest of the notes are aligned to that frequency. The song is then played and recorded in a 440Hz frequency. We also pitch our voices to A at 440 in our pianos. 

However, a 440Hz frequency is not beneficial to our overall healthIn fact 440Hz frequency is linked to:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • It activates the left side of the brain
  • Which can make us more aggressive
  • Hostile
  • And anti-social

This is an easy solution to change all of this! A few years back I decided to make this program available to purchase online, and I’ve been so touched by the thousands of stories I’ve received from customers sharing how changing their music to 432Hz has changed their lives.

Now the music my family and I listen to raises our vibration and benefits our health.


With a one time payment you can convert as many songs as you need. You simply upload your song, choose a folder to save them to and hit “convert”. You music is detected, converted and all the math is done for you. For more information you can check out the website HERE for videos, studies, and lots more!

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6 reviews for 432Hz Software for MAC

  1. N.R.

    Thanks much! I’ve already converted 2 songs, they sound so much better!

  2. Eva, Amsterdam

    Thank you very very much!!! I have it installed and it works like a dream! I find it such an important program, because 432 music is so much better for my nerves (and my mood;-)! Because of having chronic fatigue syndrome, for the last 30 years I couldn’t listen to “normal” music anymore. With Return to 432 I can again listen to all my beloved music!

  3. Idin

    Thank you, and did I say your application is amazing? It is.

  4. Star 144

    I absolutely love the program, it is easy to use! It’s great to be transmitting harmonious frequencies…considering we live in a vibrational universe and we are vibration period. I was so pleased to have found such an easy converter….great job!

  5. Leslie

    I love the music in 432 hz and when I hear music in 440 hz it sounds disharmonic. People hear my music and they love it!

  6. Jaimi Butler Greeley

    I just got your software and now I’m listening to all of my favorite music again…it’s like it’s the first time. OMG this changed my life! I can’t even explain what it feels like listening to music in 432…it’s like my soul is activating my whole body. But those words don’t even begin to do it justice. I might not sleep for a week…I have a lot of music to relisten to!

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