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  • Digestive Enzymes


    Digestive Enzymes are present in everything. Each of your foods have a certain enzyme that breaks that food down. Any good nutritionist would tell you, that the only thing you would need to take on a daily basis is enzymes and probiotics. Enzymes main purpose is to break down the food we eat, so our body can then utilize and absorb the nutrients. Our pancreas is our enzyme “bank” in our body. If a food is cooked above 115, you then have to make a with drawl. When your food is cooked, supplement with an enzyme and watch your health change. There are many uses for enzymes, read below for more information.

    *In the middle of changing labels, if you label looks different do not be concerned, it is the same product.

  • Digestive Calm Tincture


    This Digestive Calm Tincture works super quick. You will get instant relief for gas, bloating, and any middle of the night episodes. With herbs that are formulated to calm and sooth the stomach and gut this tincture gets to where it is needed quickly.

    Made with the best herbs for bloating, food poisoning and digestive issues the Digestive Calm Tincture is made with organic herbs of Yellow Ginger Root, Fennel Seed, Peppermint Leaf and Peppermint Essential Oil in an organic potato gain based alcohol and water.

    SOLD in 1 fl oz