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  • Spiritual Hygiene Kit


    A Spiritual Shower all in a kit. This kit includes an energy clearing spray with 3 choices to choose from: White Sage, Rose, and Enlighten Mist being a base of Sweetgrass.

    Included in the kit is a prayer card that gives an example of what to say, a Selenite Wand and a Divine Protection Oil to last all day or night and seal everything up.

    Energize and clear a room or your aura with the mist, this is a great option to have with you if do not have actual White Sage or Palo Santo on you, can not light it, or do not want to smell like smoke.  A quick and easy solution when you are on the go or need something in an emergency.

    Use: Spray around body, aura and space to clear + protect the mind, body, emotions and personal space.