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  • Chelate Magnesium


    Do you know the difference between absorption vs utilizing? Supplements can be broken down and then get to your blood stream, after that your body then needs to utilize it. Most are around the 3% rate being used by the body. This magnesium has been tested with the radio active isotope test to utilize at 90%.

  • X-PANE Tincture


    The issue is: there are a lot of root causes of pain. First there is Anodyne (topical pain) or Analgesic (internal pain). You can have both- (bless you). Then there are 3 causes of pain- 1. Inflammation 2. Muscle Spasm 3. Nerve. Some pain is obvious, like a bite or burn and some pain is longer and more chronic. What I am talking about here is the chronic- always there- pain and nothing seems to helps. This tincture will help the small stuff too.

    This X-PANE Tincture would be more of an overall treatment to pain. If you need something more specific to muscles, inflammation or nerve, I can make you a custom formula.

    SOLD in 1oz bottle