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  • Emerald Facial Oil


    A special facial oil made for a queen. I created the Emerald Facial Oil as my signature product, with very specific intentions in mind. I wanted to bring the world a unique product that fused the frequency of stones and plants into one incredible formula. You are not getting just a beauty oil, you are receiving the best energy and frequency that Mother earth has to offer. Feel the difference from a product designed with specific celestial timing coordinated with earthly alignments each time it touches your face.  You deserve to feel like the queen that you are.

    Each Facial Oil is handcrafted in the US in small batches ensuring the highest quality. This luxury oil heals and revitalizes your skin unlike any other. Made with conscious intention, the oil is infused with botanicals and gemstones in a phyto-infusion process. Nano gold is also added to raise each bottle to its optimal frequency for both body and spirit.

  • DNA Regeneration Oil


    This DNA is a beautiful blend of oils and was a must to have in the VIBRATIONALITY Store. Out of the oils included are all those of the highest frequency. Oils for healing emotionally and oils for the heart chakra. As well as those known for their properties in healing the DNA. This blend is in an easy to apply roller bottle with stainless steel ball and bamboo top.

    SOLD in .17 FL OZ/ 5ml

  • Celestial Oil


    C e l e s t i a l Oil. This Celestial Oil blend smells so wonderful. It stays in your skin for a long time and is a great perfume. Plus it raises your frequency so you are “vibing high”. With lush and soft notes of floral, followed delicately by a warm, sweet and spicy scent the Celestial Oil is invigorating and grounding.

    Ingredients: Organic oils of Neroli (orange blossom), Melissa (lemon balm), Rose, Cistus (Rock Rose), and Cassia. With added 500ppm of nano gold for frequency. There is no coconut oil added and this Celestial Oil blend is a neat oil.

    Directions: With oils that have been used anciently for meditation, this Celestial Oil is great for the third eye and heart chakra. You can also use as a perfume and add to wrists and inside of elbows.

    SOLD in 5ml roller with gem stone top

  • Arose Rejuvenated Blend


    Arose is made with a blend of oils that raise your frequency and bring you to a new level and keep you at that frequency with daily use.

    SOLD IN 15ml (blended) and 5ml (neat)

    *The 15ml is a blend, meaning that fractionated coconut oil is added to make it no so expensive.

    *The 5ml is “neat” meaning it is pure essential oils.

    Both carry the same frequency and smell wonderful. Straight has a stronger in scent, choosing which one is just based on preference.

    You can also add this Arose Rejuvenated Blend into a roller bottle.