nano silver

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  • Nano Silver Natural Antibiotic


    Nano silver can kill bacteria, viruses and fungus. This nano silver is 200ppm of nano silver (thats high compared to other brands) and infused with anti-viral essential oils. A 2oz empty spray bottle, nasal pump and eye dropper are included with the 32oz bottle for all your things you will use it for.

    For more details on this product see this page.

    *Offered in bulk as well email for more info

  • Soothing Hand Sanitizer


    This Soothing Hand Sanitizer 2fl oz spray bottle is easy to pack, take to school, travel with and keep in the car. Non toxic, soothing and non drying, it is a staple in all bags and cars. With 300 ppm of nano silver the disinfectant power is powerful and can be used as much as needed with out side effects.