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  • DNA Geometry Tank Top


    This tank top runs larger than normal. The fabric is soft and buttery with 67% Modal, 28% polyester and 5% Spandex. Machine wash cold and it can be dried. Any wrinkles spray out easily. It fits higher under arms with a flowey bottom. Easy breezy way to Raise Your Vibration and change your DNA. You will not find this symbol anywhere else and is unique for VIBRATIONALITY.

    Options in Black or White. The symbol is copyrighted for VIBRATIONALITY

  • DNA Regeneration Oil


    This DNA is a beautiful blend of oils and was a must to have in the VIBRATIONALITY Store. Out of the oils included are all those of the highest frequency. Oils for healing emotionally and oils for the heart chakra. As well as those known for their properties in healing the DNA. This blend is in an easy to apply roller bottle with stainless steel ball and bamboo top.

    SOLD in .17 FL OZ/ 5ml