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  • Live Blood Analysis Consultation


    This consultation will only focus on your physical life and what your body needs. Every cell tells a story and we then can from where you are starting give you suggestions and ideas of small changes that will bring you the most benefit.

    From there you can get the supplements you need that day to get you started on your journey at a discounted price. We will go over any cleanses to start if necessary, what food to cut out, or what food to introduce. I will have you taste some samples while at your apt, so that I can discern which supplement route is best for you.

    *Best but not required to come to the Consultation fasting.

    *This is for the 1.5 hour Live Blood Analysis Appointment. 

  • Cholesterol Consultation


    Our Cholesterol numbers tell us where the levels of HDL (good fat) and LDL (bad fat) are on our body. These 2 kinds of fat need to play nice and be balanced in the body. High cholesterol is one of the easiest things to fix. Most people on medication for high cholesterol do not need to be on them. If you would like to know where your numbers are at you can simply do a cholesterol appointment.

    *This booking is for a 30 minute Cholesterol Appointment only. For the most accurate numbers it is best to come fasting but not required.