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  • Nano Silver Natural Antibiotic


    Nano silver can kill bacteria, viruses and fungus. This nano silver is 200ppm of nano silver (thats high compared to other brands) and infused with anti-viral essential oils. A 2oz empty spray bottle, nasal pump and eye dropper are included with the 32oz bottle for all your things you will use it for.

    For more details on this product see this page.

    *Offered in bulk as well email for more info

  • Immune Restore made with Shiaqga Mushroom


    This Shiaqga Mushroom supplement will boost the immune system, detox and then with stem cell regeneration properties rebuild the body in a more balanced and healthy way.

    This supplement Shiaqga stem cell regeneration, is part of Vibrationality for several reasons, and is now up in our new store with new branding!

    NOTE: With the rebranding it got a NEW name and NEW label. It is the SAME product with the Shiaqga mushroom as before.

    SOLD IN 2 fl oz Bottles

    *Shiaqga has gone through new branding and labeling. It is the same product, same formula you are used to with the older label 

  • X-EBV Viral Tincture


    X-EBV Viral Tincture is made specifically made to kill off Epstein-Barr virus, or at least enough where it leaves you alone (dormant). There are five different levels of severity with Epstein-Barr virus. It is also behind a myraid of diseases (no not really, but close) and symptoms. Most that they say these diseases are incurable. If you get the virus to go dormant and kill it off enough you can see yourself cured. Do you think you have Epstein-Barr virus?

    Sold in 1 fl oz 

  • Antiviral Licorice Tea


    This Antiviral tea will help clear the body of viruses and kill any overload to your system, while nourishing the nervous system and bringing balance.

    SOLD IN 4oz BAGS